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What i don’t understand is that when a couple break up you’re expected to be all depressed and upset about the whole thing. Well just because i ain’t sat in a corner slicing myself open and crying all the time doesn’t mean i don’t feel the heartache. 

I do. I do feel pain. I do hurt. This whole business hurts and i do cry. But i choose to cry when i know no-one can see or hear me so that way, you will think that i even want to go back to that situation.

That situation ending is the best thing that has ever happened to me, yes it was good while it lasted and yes there was times that i will never forget.But at the end of the day, i know what happened, happened because it had to. We didn’t wake up and think “yeah, let’s just end it’ 

People know nothing. Just because i wont publicly display my emotions doesn’t mean i’m a heartless cow who doesn’t feel anything and wants to hurt anyone and everyone in her life 

yes, i did love him and no i don’t regret not fighting for him anymore. Clearly things weren’t meant to last or be together forever but there will always be a part of me that will feel something for him because of the lengthy period we spent together. 

The memories will always be there, and that’s what hurts the most. The fact that i can’t just get rid of all the memories and live my life the way it was before he came into it. I’ll never be able to completely forget about him, which hurts even more because i have to walk past him everyday at college. So what about when he gets a new girlfriend? Yes, i’ll even cry then because i know what she’s going to get and even then all the memories will come back. All the memories will come back even when i move on because i won’t be able to help myself but think of him at times even if the relationship is million times better. 

There’s some people that can express their emotions publicly and fair play to you, but i’m not like that so please, stop judging me. i’ll get through this my own way. 

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